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How to Find Jacksonville's Hidden Gems
In a hot housing market with low supply and high demand, buyers may need to consider looking beyond the obvious to find a home. This may mean going in search of the hidden gems: homes that may not look like much on the outside (or even on the inside), but their location cant be beat. And with some work, you could have a highly valuable property on your hands. Read more.
Behind the Scenes of an Offer
So the buyer has finally made the offer on your property. Heres a behind the scenes look at what happens next to get from for sale to sold. Read more.
How to Avoid the Top 5 Home Seller Mistakes
When you are selling your home, it can be easy to be in a vacuum. You have a certain idea of what the market should pay for your home and what may or may not be an issue. Read more.
6 Wining Strategies for Winning Real Estate Negotiations
In todays ultra competitive and fast moving real estate market, you have to make critical decisions on what is the single largest purchase or sale you may ever make in a matter of moments. Read more.
Country Club Hopping Northeast Florida Style
Heres your all-access pass to the various beach and country club options in Ponte Vedra Beach. We take a look at some of Northeast Floridas most popular clubs and what they offer, as well as important factors to consider when contemplating membership. Read more.
The Prettiest Jacksonville Neighborhoods
Come take a virtual drive down some of Northeast Floridas prettiest streets from Ortega, San Marco, Mandarin, and Ponte Vedra, which feature some of the most beautiful and expensive real estate that shapes life on the First Coast. Read more.
Six Strategies for Winning During Real Estate Negotiations
In todays ultra competitive and fast moving real estate market, you have to make critical decisions on what is the single largest purchase or sale you may ever make in a matter of moments. Read more.
Secrets to Investing in the New Market
With the real estate market coming back and property values on the rise, many people are looking to purchase real estate as an investment again. But in this new market, the rules and dynamics have significantly changed. Read more.
The Most Popular Real Estate Questions
QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS. Every buyer and seller has them  in fact A LOT of them. Curiosity is at an all time high during the home search as buyers and sellers try to size up each other and their motivations. What are some of the most popular questions buyers and sellers ask during the home buying and selling process and WHY do they ask them? Read on so you can be prepared no matter what side of the For Sale sign you may be on. Read more.
Selling Your Home During the Holidays
On the holiday to do list  decorating, shopping, cooking, baking, parties, and oh yeah, buying or selling a home? Really? Conventional real estate wisdom has often advised buyers and sellers that once Thanksgiving arrives, they might as well hunker down and wait until next year before dealing with anything related to real estate. Read more.
What To Expect During A Real Estate Walk Through
One of the last pieces that a buyer does before going to closing is to walk though the house. What exactly is a walk through and what should happen? Read more.
An Emily Post Etiquette Guide for Buying a Home
As in life, there is proper decorum for going about many things, and that also includes buying or selling a home. When looking at homes as a buyer, there are several unwritten rules to follow that will help ensure a smooth and successful experience, no matter what side of the doorway you are on. Read more.
The Coldwell Banker Blue Matter 2012 Year in Review
In a few days, 2012 will be gone and well have to retrain our minds to put 13 in any form that requires a date. Resolutions will be made and quickly broken, then remade only to be broken again. Read more.
5 Real Estate Gotchas to Look Out For
Real estate is complicated  from inspections to title searches, property lines and issues affecting appraisals, there are potential gotchas looming at every turn in a real estate transaction. Here are five issues that can potentially derail a home sale and preventative steps you can take to ensure a smooth transaction. Read more.
Behind the Scenes of Filming a Real Estate Video
There is something about orchestrating a video shoot for real estate. The minute the camera comes out, traffic stops, heads turn and all eyes are on you, the agent, as you are trying to get through the shoot. People immediately stop to see what is going on, trying to figure out who that person is in front of the camera. Nothing gets people talking to you faster than when they see filming in action. Is HGTV here? Are you making a movie? Is this a commercial? Now perhaps in California or New York, this is an every day occurrence where passers by hardly blink without noticing, but in the market in which I live and work in Northeast Florida, this is a pretty big deal. Once youve encountered this phenomenon a couple of times, the nerves shake off and you learn to do your stand-ups with cars stopped, eyes peering through blinds across the street and even golf games being put on pause. Read more.
9 Overlooked Items to Prep Your Home for Sale
So youve prepped your home cosmetically for sale in every imaginable way  fresh paint, a deep cleaning, new landscaping, decluttered closets and even organized the garage! Your house looks better then it ever has and you are ready to hit the market! Before you proceed with the For Sale sign in the ground, there are several key pieces of information that you should consider gathering that todays savvy buyers are going to want to know. Read more.
4 Tips for Making a Home on the Golf Course
Whether you are an avid golfer or simply enjoy being around the sport, golf course living provides an opportunity to live within some beautiful surroundings. It may surprise you to learn that living in a golf community is more affordable then what you might think, and with an array of options, there really is something for everyone, whether you want to be on the course or close to it. Read more.
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