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Markets change, and agents who can visualize the future prepare for what’s coming. During the Great Recession, for example, many became “short-sale specialists.”
New programs to help homeowners with mortgage payments weren’t created for people who don’t need help – but they also don’t require lenders to confirm a job loss.
Every policy is unique, but some business policies void coverage altogether if a building is closed – or shuttered incorrectly – for 60 days or more.
The mortgage companies that back most loans eased some regulations, but they’re tightening work history timelines. For self-employed borrowers, it’s now only 10 days.
New coronavirus relief measures enable most homeowners with mortgages to put off mortgage payments for a full year – and their credit won’t suffer. But perhaps because the program is new, some lenders are offering only three months of relief with a lump-sum payment at the end.
Rates dropped for the second week in a row due to “improvements in market liquidity and sentiment,” says Freddie Mac economist.
It’s become more important lately to look great on video chats. To make the best impression, focus on backgrounds, lighting and the room’s acoustics.
Reports are growing over landlords or short-term rental hosts canceling reservations when they find out the person is a medical professional.
Realtors partnered with the Census Bureau to be advocates for the 2020 Census. An accurate count for your area helps guarantee political representation and more money.
The coronavirus has dealt a financial blow to millions of Americans and now April’s bills are coming due – but reach out to lenders and others for help.
The nationwide property data provider says it’s launched a building permit database with up-to-date information for more than 200M residential and commercial properties.
Small businesses and sole proprietors can submit applications starting Friday, and independent contractors can apply starting on April 10. Employers who maintain minimum payroll levels and employees (at least 75% of their average) are eligible for loan forgiveness.
Scammers love stressed people in need, and they’ve deployed a range of spoofing and other tactics that offer financial aid to panicked homeowners.
Lenders says Congress’ $2T stimulus package allows homeowners to postpone mortgage payments for a year – but they still have to pay that debt to their investors.
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