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A study looked at the impact of rising seas on real estate prices and found residents’ beliefs a contributing factor. If a city’s population generally believes in climate change, housing values in higher-risk areas suffer some – but values aren’t affected as much if residents don’t.
In 2018, the number of unconventional mortgages was less than 3% of the market; in 2006, they were 39%. And negative-amortization loans have all but disappeared.
While the president is the most famous rich person moving to Fla., he’s not alone. But it’s too soon to determine the impact of tax migrations on states’ budgets.
Many renters have a nagging dream to own a home but a general attitude that it won’t work out, so why try? The answer to these questions might help them commit.
There’s a lot to do between staging and hiding jewelry, so many sellers forget the top attraction for some visitors: A medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs.
Builders say record-high prices for empty lots are a major reason new-home construction has become so expensive. Half of lots sold in 2018 cost at least $49,500.
Urban Land Institute Miami symposium: Potential renters may one day visit available units, apply for leases and execute paperwork without ever seeing a human being.
Rates rose this week amid optimism over prospects for economy, though they’re still at historically low levels – an incentive for prospective homebuyers.
Fla. legalized medical marijuana and could one day approve recreational marijuana. That has a downside and creates legal confusion, but it also offers opportunities because marijuana has to be grown, processed, distributed and used on real property, according to NAR speakers.
Lee County homeowners deserve more than $13.6M after the state cut down their citrus trees, another court ruled. The ongoing property-rights case began in 2003.
Finding a dream home isn’t easy. With limited inventory, that perfect home might be on a busy street or next to a gas station. Experts offer a few homebuyer tips.
The Fed probably won’t cut interest rates again in the near future. The cuts can impact adjustable-rate mortgages and, indirectly affect fixed-rate mortgages.
The nearly four-year FinCEN investigation into whether foreign buyers use shell companies to launder money via real estate will continue for at least six months.
iBuyers are seeking an edge as more companies enter the market, and Offerpad just unveiled a new buyer benefit: Customers under contract will be able to customize their home online before closing and have the cost of the upgrades rolled into the mortgage.
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