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The percentage of U.S. cash sales in April hit its highest level since 2014. In Fla., it ranges from 35.1% in Orlando up to 53.6% in West Palm Beach.
Canadian tourists are returning to Fla. as COVID and visa problems fade away. The number of visiting Canadians has hit pre-pandemic levels in the past few months.
A study finds that institutional investors keep many Atlanta residents from becoming homeowners and building wealth, with Black residents affected most.
While most observers believe the Fed will keep interest rates steady at its meeting next week, they heatedly discuss if it’s a pause to study things or a one-time skip.
A roster of disasters can disrupt business operations, and it’s too late to start planning if a storm is two days out. Analyze current insurance coverage to start.
Every buyer should be warned upfront about potential wire scams related to closing, but agents should warn customers about other potential scams too.
Has Erica given you banking advice, as in Bank of AmERICA? The U.S. consumer bureau is worried about AI chatbots doing increasingly sophisticated tasks.
The state-run “insurer of last resort” has seen its number of policies surge to 1.3M, but it plans to move up to 26K of those to private companies later this summer.
The 2023 award is for excellence in the print magazine category. Florida Realtors shares “this outstanding recognition with members across Florida,” says Pres. Mike McGraw.
The national homebuilders’ 1Q report finds continued relative strength in small towns and rural areas as higher interest rates impact affordability.
Many people qualify for an FHA loan but don’t realize it. They’re not just for first-time buyers, student loans aren’t dealbreakers and there are no income limits.
Hashtags have outsized importance on Instagram since it’s largely a visual platform. Great hashtag choices will make your content more visible.
Starting July 1, renters may get the option to pay a monthly fee instead of a security deposit. However, fee money cannot be used to cover any damage costs.
One nonprofit formed 82 Fla. solar co-ops so far. Each offers bulk discounts and oversees details under a single umbrella, making it easy for homeowners to sign on.
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