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Feel as if you spend all your time in the car? You’re not alone. In 2018, the average commute time rose to 27 minutes as more buyers moved to new exurb communities.
How much did last year’s red tide hurt the state? NOAA will study the total cost of red tide, including hits to human health, real estate, fishing and restaurants.
Sellers don’t like home showings or making repairs, but they say their greatest stress comes from uncertainty – the aspects of a sale that they can’t control.
Gov. DeSantis’ and a crop of younger lawmakers have led to a new interest in the changing environment, and a specific focus on the impact of rising seas in Fla.
Residential properties within a half mile of public transit had 4% to 24% higher median sale prices between 2012 and 2016, the study found. Commercial values saw per-square-foot sales-price increases between 5% and 42%.
With fake ownership papers in hand, S. Fla. scammers hired a Realtor to list their bargain-priced vacant land, apparently hoping to steal a buyer’s cash at closing.
In a Halloween-season publicity move, the iBuyer’s listing ads will include info on unusual electrical fields, unexplained movements and feelings of being watched.
A buyer getting ready to close discovered that items had been removed – items they thought went with the house, such as bathroom mirrors and lighting.
Net neutrality means internet providers must supply all data at constant speeds. A D.C. court ruled the FCC can nix it – but it also said states may enact laws.
In 2018, unconventional mortgages hit their highest level since 2008 – but they were still only 3% of 2018’s loans compared to 39% in 2006.
As a possible economic slowdown looms, the people who invest money for ultra-rich families are buying more real estate as a hedge against any possible downturn. And they seem to be shifting from real estate funds to direct investments or co-investments.
The Disaster Relief donation, which NAR will distribute, helps support those affected by a disaster, such as the recent flooding in Texas and wildfires in Calif.
It’s been a year since Category 5 Michael hit Florida’s Panhandle, and 17% of claims remain unsettled even though the pay process shouldn’t take more than 90 days.
Up to 94,000 Fla. homeowners must find a new insurance company after regulators shut down Florida Specialty Ins. Co. after its surpluses fell below state mandates.
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