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If a metro saw pandemic-era sales surge, it’s more likely to have skittish buyers canceling contracts in Aug. In Jacksonville, 1 out of 4 buyers walked away.
FedNat Insurance Co. cancelled 56.5K policies in May and agreed to transfer 83K in June, but it doesn’t have enough funds to process its existing claims.
Boston Fed official acknowledged “apprehension about the possibility of a significant downturn,” but says “a more modest slowdown, while challenging, is achievable.”
A new law offers significant savings to homeowners who opt for solar roof panels within the next 10 years – but also expensive problems if an old roof needs replaced soon.
Shutters take time to put up and make homes feel like caves – but waiting too long is a mistake. Expert advice: Start once the NHC declares an area hurricane watch.
Florida Realtors economist: If market changes challenge Realtors, sellers’ heads must be spinning. Use SunStats to help clients understand what’s going on.
Teachers, police and nurses should be able to buy a home in the communities they serve. Amendment 3’s new property tax break can help make that happen.
U.S. bidding wars dropped 2.6 percentage points between July and Aug, with Tampa dropping 11 points and Orlando down 12.4. Still, bidding wars rose 2.8 points in Miami.
Most buyers want a house, not a new project. But some eventually opt for a fixer-upper due to buying frustrations and the realization that sweat equity can be profitable.
In South Fla., median prices fell a bit in Aug., and many licensees see that as a good thing after months of price increases that were “neither normal nor sustainable.”
A successful promotion takes planning. It should start with a two-week launch strategy that boosts content such as reels, videos, stories, etc.
The average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage didn’t spend much time hovering around the 6% mark. It rose 0.27 percentage points this week, up from last week’s 6.02%.
Fed Chair Powell hoped for an economic soft landing but said it’s increasingly unlikely. “I wish there were a painless way to (get inflation down),” he said. “There isn’t.”
When home prices were rising, the iBuyer made “easy profits,” but some think its losses now – 42% of its Aug. sales – mirror Zillow’s failed iBuying venture.
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