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Florida Realtors economist: It will cost buyers more each month to pay a mortgage than rent – but that ignores the advantages and increased savings of ownership.
The Federal Reserve wants to see economic contraction, but Friday’s jobs report was “explosive” – 2.8 times higher (517K jobs) than predicted (185K jobs).
It’s cheaper to build homes in a warehouse and put them together at the job site – and the U.S. needs to improve that process, according to a new HUD report.
The number of international tourists – and by extension potential buyers – rose 73% between 2021 and 2022, but it’s still down 28% when compared to 2019.
NAR’s annual Good Neighbor Awards recognizes Realtors who “made an extraordinary impact in their communities.” Five winners will receive a $10K grant.
“I’m going to do this better,” brokers say when starting a new business, but that purpose can get lost in day-to-day operations. Is it time to bring it back?
A promissory note commits a new homeowner to make payments on their house. A mortgage gives a lender the right to take that home if they don’t do so. A recent Fla. court opinion highlighted those differences.
Dear Shannon: A broker discovered that one of their agents was bad-mouthing another local broker and appraiser online, with comments that fell under “unprofessional” and “judgmental.” Is this a big deal under the Code of Ethics?
Every real estate contract includes deadlines, and sometimes one deadline – such as one for buyers and sellers to deliver an executed copy – will change. This confuses more than a few members. Hopefully this bullet-point timeline will help.
When does a seller’s obligation to disclose hidden defects kick in? That might be the wrong question. Here’s why that approach seems to miss the mark – and why many people correctly embrace the mantra disclose, disclose, disclose.
At 6.09%, the 30-year, fixed-rate loan moved even closer to 5%. It’s down from last week’s 6.13% and almost a point lower than highs of 7.08% reached in Oct.
As the 30-year rate dropped from 6.9% to 6.36% and some home prices fell, Miami buyers averaged 8.3% savings in just two months and Jacksonville buyers 7.4%.
A website, rules and $5M in funding will help survivors of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking under the Violence Against Women Act.
The average new-home size dropped 45 square feet to 2,480 in 2022, says NAHB. It predicts home sizes will expand this year before dropping again in 2024.
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