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A new hotel discount program with saves members up to 70% off hotels and resorts. In its first two months, 2,600 members have signed up. (Link underlined to:
Lawmakers are considering amendments and bills that seem to favor a six-month extension. To get something passed, Realtors must respond to NAR's Call for Action.
A listing's photos went viral for a Texas home because some shots included an inflatable T-Rex fishing, lounging and checking out the fridge.
NAR says it "never solicits donations for personal or individual charities ... All donations go through the Realtors Relief Foundation." If you received a fraudulent email, delete it and file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Fla. ranks dead last in the number of people who use natural gas, perhaps because it's more expensive. But residents love electricity and the cost is fairly low.
Arch MI Report: The U.S. home-sale inventory hasn't been this low since Arch started tracking in the early 80s; lower-level homes should see the highest gains.
Learn how to generate more leads with less time and money on Thursday, Aug. 9, at a free session for Florida Realtors Convention and Trade Expo attendees in Orlando.
When it comes to home-improvement projects, owners rate outdoor projects highest, such as wood decks, water features, statement landscaping or new patios.
The drop may be an isolated event, but builders cite problems with new lumber tariffs, and a challenge finding both construction workers and land to build on.
The bill backs net neutrality, which is a legal mandate that all websites have equal access to consumers, among other things. Without neutrality, small brokers may find it harder to compete with deep-pocket, mega-real estate ad companies.
It's not worth speaking if you can't you can't keep your audience intrigued, focused and engaged. To do that, don't speak at them – entertain them.
If Fla. was an independent country, it would be the world's 17th largest. The state's economy has grown larger than Saudi Arabia's, Switzerland's and Argentina's
41% of Fla.'s principal brokers are women yet they make up 58% of membership. Why the disconnect? Should the industry change? Find out and be empowered on Aug. 29 when Florida Realtors presents the "Women in Real Estate Conference" (WIRE).
U.S. Sens. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio introduced legislation that would allow retired Canadian citizens older than 50 to spend up to eight months a year vacationing in the U.S. – two months longer than they may stay now.
Fla. retains its rank as one of the lowest-tax U.S. states based on state-local tax collections. But while "per capita state tax collections" are lower than all but one other state, its "per capita local tax collections" are closer to average (No. 27).
Something must be done about algae in Fla. waterways, but the new "state of emergency" may ding home sales in the 7-county region even if nearby water is clear.
The 30-year FRM remained relatively unchanged this week, according to Freddie Mac's weekly survey, falling to 4.52% this week from last week's 4.53%.
The 30-year loan is almost an industry standard, but buyers who can swing a 15-year loan save lots of money due to lower interest rates and a quicker payoff.
The Martin County property appraiser has one complaint so far about too-high property values due to algae – but she expects more after notices go out in August.
Can condo owners stop their association from changing the recreational facilities? Also: Does a new law force a condo board without a website to create one?
CoreLogic analysis: Over half of U.S. homes have policies that average 20% less than full replacement value – but luxury owners tend to over-insure.
Today's buyers do their homework. If they decide to enter the market, they've already taken home prices and interest rates into account.
Adjustable-rate mortgages played a negative role in the housing meltdown, but their temporary lower rates could appeal to more borrowers as interest rates rise.
America's builders remain extremely confident in the market, though NAHB's July index of 68 (anything above 50 is positive) is unchanged from June.
No child hopes to be a corporate real estate exec one day, but a new website hopes to change that by highlighting the range of real estate careers out there.
Startup WhyHotel introduced a new concept in 3 cities so far – rent out empty luxury apartments in newly opened projects as the developer tries to secure tenants.
Homeowners in Mt. Dora have fought City Hall for year to keep their entire house painted in a "Starry Night" theme that they say calms their autistic child.
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