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Inventory remains tight, but’s weekly housing report suggests that supply may be slowly moving a bit closer to demand as more current owners decide to move.
The group claims a “minimum price policy” business practice by Redfin benefits higher-income neighborhoods more than lower-income neighborhoods. Redfin denies the charges for “legitimate business reasons” but says it’s struggled with the issues raised.
A condo owner removed signs that said “Wear Your Mask” from the building’s main doors, and the president now accuses him of vandalism. Can he be fined for this?
HUD’s disparate-impact rule tries to stop discrimination that occurs in the absence of any overt discriminatory behavior. It’s now trying to walk that rule back a bit.
The listing site, CommercialCafe, says a rising count of visitors are interested in commercial office space – a number that surpasses even pre-pandemic records.
The pandemic sparked strong demand for boats, an acceptable social distancing activity. But a dearth of parking spots led some people to buy homes for the dock space.
Higher home prices and low inventory may have sparked a slight drop in pending sales in Sept., but the number still surged 20.5% when compared to Sept. 2019.
The SBA issued Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) to small businesses in the early days of the pandemic, but a new federal analysis suggests that up to 37% of the money SBA doled out, about $78B, has red flags in borrower applications that hint at possible fraud.
The average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage barely moved from last week’s record-low 2.80%. One year ago, the average 30-year FRM averaged 3.78%.
Builders see home-sales gold in a sea of retiring boomers. In a 55+ Housing Market Index where 50 is an optimism-pessimism balance, the index rose to 83 in the 3Q.
In the early stages of the pandemic, most landlords and retailers found common ground in their financial stress. But those bonds are weakening as the pandemic drags on.
The first step to boost social media marketing? Get a plan. Content drives the marketing, so start by telling your story and then a bit about your home neighborhood.
Mom lives in a home she co-owns with Son A. Son B will eventually inherit Mom’s half and he wants to buy Son A’s half now and pay for it over time. Son A is okay with that. But he’s worried about legal problems if they don’t handle the details correctly.
Home purchases in “turning around” neighborhoods can be good investments as new owners see their property values rise faster than other nearby neighborhoods. But gentrification changes a community’s characteristics and can flirt with Fair Housing Act violations.
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