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People stuck looking at the same four walls are changing the walls – and floors, bathrooms and bedrooms. They’re also starting new projects, such as adding office space.
For many people, pandemic mortgage-forbearance rules made it easier to postpone monthly payments. But is a fear of what might happen a good enough reason to do so?
The U.S. has a new tactic if cities want federal money to mitigate threats from climate change: They must first agree to take homes using their eminent domain powers.
The site created a Housing Market Recovery Index just a few weeks ago to gauge the market’s return to “normal,” and real estate is already close to pre-pandemic levels.
A high credit score usually qualifies for a lower interest rate, but what’s the minimum score to get a loan at all? Buyers trying to boost their score should aim for 620 on a conventional loan and 580 (3.5% down) on an FHA loan. Lender requirements vary for jumbo or VA loans.
92% of Realtors have buyers who returned or never left; 18% saying buyers never left. Chief Economist Yun says the RE market has “seen a swift rebound of activity.”
A house with a name intrigues buyers or renters since it often suggests luxury, and the concept is reappearing again on vacation-rental websites, such as Airbnb.
COVID-19 shook up many Americans’ financial picture, but a mortgage refinance could help – providing they still qualify. Here are seven questions to consider.
Lenders can offer borrowers with an FHA mortgage four types of forbearance, including one for those “not eligible for any other home retention solution.”
The share of renters (61%) who think it’s currently a good time to become a homeowner has hit a five-year high, according to Fannie Mae’s latest study.
FEMA prepared a list of flood preparation tools – webpages, fact sheets, infographics and publications – with input from NAR. The “Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Discussing Flood Insurance” covers almost everything Realtors should understand.
Inflation remains muted in a weakened U.S. economy as buyer demand remains strong. This week’s average of 3.03% for a 30-year loan is down from last week’s 3.07%.
Virtual meetings are here to stay, and if clients like remote meetings, even post-pandemic, Realtors must do the same. But it’s different than face-to-face meetings.
A credit score doesn’t need to be perfect, and a new job isn’t always a deal breaker. Still, too many renters with a credit glitch think it bans them from homeownership.
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