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This cycle is different, in part because construction never took off and an inventory shortage remains. Worst case scenario: Stagnant prices for a year or two.
100 million internet users watch live video every day, and they'll spend eight times longer watching a live video than a pre-recorded one.
FHFA, Freddie and Fannie jointly announced Mortgage Translations – a centralized clearinghouse for RE pros who serve limited English proficient borrowers.
Agents often must be the "boots on the ground" for investors. Understand clients' goals upfront and keep communication channels open.
Florida Realtors updated its hurricane relief page to answer your questions about insurance claims, temporary residences, leaky roofs, business loans and more.
Five counties within the federal hurricane disaster declaration will have a 90-day moratorium on FHA foreclosures, access to home-repair mortgages and more.
The Disaster Relief Fund accepts aid applications from members of the Realtor family, including RE employees, Realtor board/associations and their staff. Find out more.
The Disaster Relief Fund accepts aid applications from members of the Realtor family, including RE employees, Realtor board/associations and their staff.
How does the "force majeure" provision in the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar "As Is" contract work now that Hurricane Michael has interrupted some transactions? Meaning "superior force" in Latin, it outlines how a buyer and seller will move forward.
Experts believe Fla.'s insurance industry can weather the latest losses from Hurricane Michael without significant premium increases, even though major storms have historically bankrupted some insurance firms and sent rates skyrocketing.
Over the past two years, many Realtors received a scam bill from the "Florida Board of Realtors," a fake name. The Office of the Attorney General has now identified the sender and filed a complaint in Jacksonville alleging deceptive trade practices.
The Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America is hosting events around the U.S. to help buyers with low credit scores get home mortgages with low interest rates.
Hurricanes and rising mortgage rates took a toll, notably on multifamily starts. Single-family starts were mixed: Up in half the U.S., down in the other half.
Property insurance rates won't go up for 90 days in order to give hurricane-impacted homeowners time to grapple with the massive damage.
Women, alone or in a marriage, appear to be making more decisions – and they want an active lifestyle, but that often no longer includes golfing and tennis.
CoreLogic: High debt-to-income ratios have superseded poor credit histories as the number one reason mortgage applicants get turned down by lenders.
The overall taxes paid by Floridians are bested only by Alaska, Wyoming and South Dakota; and the top 5 of 10 "best" states have no income tax at all.
An old argument claimed Panhandle trees would be a natural barrier to high winds – but many people now agree that homes shouldn't be exempted from building codes.
Government-backed reverse mortgages have hit hard times, but some private-backed ones are now coming to the market. Are they a good deal? It depends.
Fed interest rate increases are a sign of a healthy economy – but they're also a problem for homebuyers when higher rates increase the cost of ownership.
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