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Until recently, RE technology focused on the middle market, but the luxury market could soon see some disruption as AI helps agents connect with high-net-worth buyers.
While “Are they really working?” worries bosses with off-site staff, a big one should be retention: “How do I build team spirit when we’re never in the same room?”
Three siblings inherited their sister’s house upon her death, and then one of the brothers died without a will. Can the remaining two siblings still sell the house?
If your driver’s license isn’t REAL ID compliant, you’ll be grounded – banned from flying internationally to pursue real estate deals or see grandkids in Ohio.
Fla. has no coronavirus victims and may never have one, but fear of the virus may have a greater impact than the actual disease. World outbreaks could slow international home sales, and stock market declines could convince some Americans to sit tight and wait it out.
The association created a list of 19 advocacy “wins” last year – a diverse array of accomplishments from the environment to condo loans and even cannabis banking.
Buyers may be able to boost their credit scores by 15-20 points in only a few months by paying bills on time and lowering their credit card balance.
A survey of 1,500 Americans found that only 18% “don’t have any housing worries.” 1 in 3 worry about major unexpected repairs; 17% fear home prices will go down.
The coronavirus outbreak spooked markets and investors’ move to bonds pushed long-term mortgage rates lower this week. One year ago, the average FRM was 4.35%.
Study: About 1% of homes sold in 2019 went to an iBuyer, but while Orlando ranked 13th nationally (No. 1 in Fla.), only 2.2% of its home sales involved an iBuyer – and it was one of the few cities to see a decline compared to its 2018 iBuyer sales (2.6%).
Economist Yun: “Solid activity – the second-highest monthly figure in over two years – is due to the good economic backdrop and exceptionally low mortgage rates.”
It’s not a trick question. An escrow agent oversees just that – escrow – and a closing agent oversees closings. It’s still confusing for a few Realtors, however, because the same person often does both tasks. After a while, these Realtors start thinking they’re the same thing.
Most commission disputes involve two agents who are absolutely certain they deserve the money – but one must lose out. What happens next? Can a local board ask for the funds? Does a procedural review give the losing agent a do-over and new chance to keep the money?  
A 1988 amendment to the Fair Housing Act added disability as a protected class, and the change continues to spark a lot of Legal Hotline questions. In general, however, accommodation should be the goal rather than searching for a reason to deny.
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