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The Board met during Florida Realtors convention last week. It created a "Spirit of Advocacy" award and approved other association changes. A full report is posted online.
Agents in some of the state's most scenic communities – Coral Gables, Navarre Beach, Cedar Key and Longboat Key – say most clients aren't asking yet how high the nearby waters might rise before their 30-year mortgage is paid off.
2018 homebuyer survey: 75% of buyers would even pass up an otherwise perfect home – their dream home – if it did not meet their pets' needs.
Fla. GDP is predicted to grow about 3.8% in 2018 and 2019 – well above the national average –and tax law changes may increase relocations from out of state.
On Wed., Aug. 15, the Florida Real Estate Commission will consider rules to bring individual ads in line with FREC's new regulations over team advertising.
What can low-lying coastal neighborhoods do if sea levels rise? A small group of Miami waterfront neighbors have drawn up an ambitious set of recommendations with the help of a landscape architect and urban designer.
An oceanfront condo owner once had an unobstructed ocean view, but it's now 90% blocked by grown palm trees. Can she do anything about it?
More real estate pros realize their role has switched from information broker to trusted advisor, and buyers are reporting higher satisfaction in a recent survey.
NAHB/Wells Fargo: 57.1% of new and existing homes sold April through June were affordable to families earning the U.S. median income of $71,900.
While more Americans now understand elements of their credit score, many also incorrectly think that marital status, tax liens and civil judgments count too.
Since independent contractors qualify for a 20% biz tax deduction, the IRS feared people would find a way to game the system – so they made the rules complex.
A West Palm Beach man pled guilty last week to bid-rigging online public foreclosure auctions in Florida. The investigation is ongoing.
A survey found that you can judge a neighborhood by its name, and wealthier owners can often be found in subdivisions that end in "Hills," "Island" or "Village."
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