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In two weeks, fully vaccinated Canadians can return to Fla. While the housing-market impact isn’t clear, travel agents report a “significant uptick” in reservations.
An interview with 1,700 RE experts found high expectations for the real estate market in 2022. Traditional spaces – homes, offices, shopping centers, etc. – have changing expectations, but 75% of investors now feel confident about their decisions. Last year, less than 50% said the same.
A cross-agency coordinated effort will focus on lender actions and attitudes that maintain racial segregation. Agencies plan to investigate and prosecute discrimination.
The average American homebuyer is 45 years old, married or partnered, college-educated and likely buying a home located in the South; 26% are age 30 to 39.
A Jacksonville court sentenced a 27-year old to two years in prison for lying on an aid application after Hurricane Irma; he must repay $8K to the federal government.
First rule of LinkedIn: The more connections you have, the more potential clients you have. And think of your summary section as a personal advertisement.
Planned changes by the Fed will likely push mortgage rates higher – but refis will dry up, and lenders may still offer deals as they compete for homebuyers’ loans.
Recently aware that some communities have historically been one race or another, an increased number of buyers are adding “racially diverse neighborhood” to their list of must-haves. But that doesn’t always help lower-income neighborhoods if it causes gentrification and rising home prices.
In Walton County, commissioners shut down beaches during the pandemic, including private ones. Homeowners sued claiming they deserve compensation, but a judge said no.
Biophilic design attempts to bring a suburban atmosphere into urban cores. The main tool? Plants – and lots of them, often incorporated into a building’s design.
Fla. isn’t seeing a lot of new record-high temperatures during the day, but a tracking of overnight lows in Central Florida found 807 record highs from 2015 to 2020.
Refreshing old brick exteriors with paint gives a listing a new, clean look. But what if the current trend fades? Removing paint later is close to impossible.
The average for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage moved notably higher this week. Freddie Mac economist blames “the trajectory of both the economy and the pandemic.”
Florida Realtors’ data: Median prices up 18.3% for single-family homes to $355,000 year-to-year; up 17.2% to $255,000 for condos. Single-family home sales down 1.3% year-over-year; condo sales up 4.9%. However, Sept. 2020 saw a huge sales surge because the pandemic shifted transactions into summer and fall, says Chief Economist O’Connor.
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